Jazz Fest Photo Throwback // Soul Rebels w/ Dub Kartel & Matisyahu

The Friday night show at the 2018 Jazz Fest was fantastic, and was easily the show that stole the festival. While a lot of other shows had a ton of buzz swirling around them, it was the Soul Rebels show that was quietly sneaking under the radar.

The night kicked off with Dub Kartel solidifying their place on the big stages in town. After effortlessly toiling on many of the smaller stages in town, it was great to see them shine so brightly on the big stage. Then it was time for a healthy dose of hip hop from the Soul Rebels and their talented emcees and big brass musicians; they put on one hell of a show that had the crowd moving in unison, with an air of soul, funk and positivity. It was an amazing set, that culminated in a guest spot from Matisyahu, who was making his return to the city after playing her back in the early 2000s. All in all, it was a killer night of music, and one that definitely gets my vote for show of the festival.

Check out some of the shots snapped during the show, and enjoy the Dub Kartel shots, as they are playing their farewell show over at the Marquee on Sept 1st.

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