Bloggers Wanted!

The past five years that we’ve been up and running (seriously running), we’ve kept our circle very tight knit. Taking this stance always led to friends being added as bloggers. Why wouldn’t it? People are most comfortable dealing with others that they have relationships with.

But the time has come for a change.

I was lucky enough to catch Gabrielle Papillon’s incredible set during the 2018 ECMAs, and came away a massive fan. I couldn’t help but find myself completely enthralled with every note that rang throughout the halls of the Marquee Ballroom. Just incredible.

Halfway through the set, with her guitar slung over her shoulder, Gabrielle spoke to the crowd and asked for women to step forward with their stories. She had mentioned that we need more stories from women as we have enough from the white cis male. As one of those very white cis males, with a platform to write on, this got me thinking.

Where are all of the other stories at, and why can’t we help out?

So with that being said, I am putting a call out to anyone who wants to tell stories with us. Or how about we go a step further, and say anyone who isn’t a white cis male. Over the course of the past year, while recording our podcast, the conversation would regularly veer towards diversity and inclusivity. Maybe with a little luck, we can do our part to help change how things are done.

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Jeff is one-fourth of the group that makes up HAFILAX. His usual ramblings can be read right here on the website. If reading isn't your thing, he also hosts the Basement Tapes podcast.