Midweek Mixdown // As Submitted by Brothers edition

This week’s edition of the Midweek Mixdown comes courtesy of Brothers, as we continue with our Brothers week here at HAFILAX. Each member of the band submitted two songs, and a little bit on why they picked that song. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Taran’s Tracks:

“You Shook Me All Night Long” –  AC/DC

When I was first getting really into guitar, this one was my jam. The music was simple to play, yet so powerful.

“Come Down”Anderson .Paak 

The beat, the energy, the thick groove. This song was my anthem of last year.

Tyler’s Tracks:

“Vincent” – Don McLean 

The way his guitar riffs through the perfectly written lyrics has always gotten me. I’m also sentimental about it – my father would play it late nights in our living room. So it’s always held a certain nostalgia to me. Plus the song is just fucking beautiful.

“Scapegoat” –  Atmosphere

Describes everything in our lives that we use to escape the present moment, for whatever reason that it makes us suffer.

Adam’s Tracks:

“Aeroplane” –  Red Hot Chili Peppers

That was one of the first songs that really got me excited about bass.

“This is the Last Time” – The National 

Because they’re brilliant writers. I’ve listened to that entire album really more times then I can count, and it’s been a soundtrack for several summers.

Brando’s Tracks:

“Runaway” – Jamiroquai

This track really hits me cause it makes me want to dance, move, and groove, and I love dancing. But the main reason is it talks a lot about what life has been like for me, but the success of jay kay shows me that you can overcome these things in the most miraculous ways.

“Folsom Prison Blues” – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash will play for any fan, anywhere, it really doesn’t matter where, he just liked playing music for people to take them away from life for even a split second, which is why he played numerous prison gigs throughout his career.

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