Midweek Mixdown // Side A – Ladies Only

Gabrielle Papillon – “Keep the Fire”

The lead single off of Papillon’s recently released LP is nothing short of fire. It may not be loaded with bombast, but it is a dynamic and soaring affair that comes through like a cool breeze during a nor’easter. It’s a beautifully haunting track that deserves your attention. Gabrielle  is in Halifax this coming weekend: performing 2 shows on Oct 28th @ The Bus Stop Theatre,  w/ limited tickets available, so snap these up quick, folks. 

Terra Lightfoot – “Paradise”

This is a track that came into our mailbag, and simply knocked me on my ass. I expected something entirely different when I hit play, but Lightfoot’s voice is uniquely fantastic and her track “Paradise” is a solid jam.

Skye Wallace – “Scarlet Fever”

Wallace’s track “Scarlet Fever” is a slice of scrappy alt-pop, that is as typical as it is atypical. It’s not drowning in synth, instead its spine is more crunchy guitar and Wallace’s sweet and slightly gruff vocal.

St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”

Cmon guys, Annie Clark is back with a new fiery album, and a biting commentary on the state of affairs in the entertainment scene on the West Coast. This track also shows off Clark/St. Vincent’s guitar prowess. Devour this track, and go check out the rest of her album.

Iskwe – “Nobody Knows”

This is one of those tracks that just grabs you and refuses to let go. While it was released a year ago, it rings more like an anthem for the current climate and the uprising that is currently taking place all over the world. Especially for those who endured harassment and assault, and felt the need to bury it up and repress those events until just recently, where the cloak of secrecy has been eschewed and the truth is finally coming to light. This song is one that was written for those who were crushed beneath the burden of those injustices, and are no longer here to share their harrowing tales. It’s a powerful and forceful song. Iskwe drops into the Carleton on November 3rd to showcase her fantastic music.

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