Midweek Mixdown // Some Fresh Tunes – 08:06:2016

1. “Paper Girl” –  July Talk

Oh, how I wish I was aware of July Talk’s unbridled awesomeness when this show took place at the Carleton. I’ve been lucky enough to have caught a handful of sets from the band, and I wish I had been at the Carleton for this. Looking forward to their impending visit this coming weekend.

2. “The Bears” – Three Sheet

While I’m stoked for the July Talk set at Garrison Brewing’s Backlot Bash, I think Three Sheet is the band I’m most interested in seeing, especially after they dropped this killer track (with accompanying video), “The Bears”.  There are shades of Everlast, Macklemore and even a dash of Jurassic 5. Three Sheet is a musical hip-hop collective that is crazy talented, have a listen and get hooked.

3. “Elodie” – Ten Fe

Thanks to Songpickr’s Best of 2016 Spotify playlist, I came across this fantastic, sleepy folk-pop tune. It’s one of those tracks that affixes itself to your ear and just won’t let go. I’ve spun this tune more than a handful of times, and it still sounds as fresh and vibrant as that first listen.

4.  “Oooh Love” – Ria Mae

With the recent release of her eponymous debut, Ria Mae continues to be a hit machine with “Clothes Off”, “Gold”, and now her recently released single “Oooh Love”.  The Halifax-based singer-songwriter is cementing herself as one of the best musical acts to emanate from this part of the country. This new single is every bit as irresistible as the previous pair and, in spending some time with Mae’s new record, it’s loaded with more of the same. If you missed out on last week’s show (like I did), you probably have some regrets in doing so. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist.

5. “Bad As They Seem” – Hayden

There are a handful of records that I can toss on, press play and let it run for its entirety; Hayden’s debut Everything I Long For is one of those albums. This album resonated with me from day 1 with its stripped down, low-key folk-rock vibe, and its lead single “Bad As They Seem” welcomed me in. Now 20 years later Hayden is touring in support of the album’s anniversary. The moment I saw that he was coming to play Halifax on this tour, it made me incredibly happy. Enjoy this recent performance from CBC’s Q.  

6. “New Survival” – The Medicine Hat

When I pressed play on the latest track from Hamilton’s The Medicine Hat, I discovered a delicious slice of alt electro-pop. Nabi Sue Bersche’s vocals are alluring and captivating, under which an 80s sheen of shimmering keyboards and glitter bubbles along. This is certainly a track that has me reaching for the repeat button, it’s a solid lead single from the album coming this fall.


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