Photos: The Motorleague @ Cunard Centre, August 5th, 2014

Opening for the Dropkick Murphys @ the Cunard Centre was Moncton’s punk/hard rock pioneers, The Motorleague. I had the opportunity to catch them at the East Coast Music & Big Red Festival, both in Prince Edward Island. Always a pleasure to see them on the card, as they always put in a 110% at every show, and they just simply rock.

You know, when you listen to a band’s album, you begin to learn most of their songs. Well for me, it’s been going to their live shows and learning their songs from first hand. Just out of curiosity, I recently picked up their latest album, “Acknowledge, Acknowledge” which was released last year, and it has been high on my rotation. Some of my favorite tunes off the album, “Litany For The Completely Forgettable” (catchy chorus, lyrically opposite of forgettable), “Failsafes” (for the sheer intensity of the song), “North America” (this is one of their singles, and pretty epic). If you have the time, check out the album.

Here’s some photos, enjoy!

 Photos by: Justin Roy

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