Photos: Dearly Beloved, Like A Motorcycle & Take Part @ Michael’s Bar & Grill, June 13th, 2014

An awesome night of action packed, high tempo rock music by Dearly Beloved, Like A Motorcycle & Take Part at Michael’s Bar & Grill last night. These 3 bands really had an excellent stage presence while rocking out. And they all also sounded really good. There was a lot of happy faces last night, I think the crowd got their moneys worth as everyone seemed to be having fun.

Me, myself, I haven’t seen Toronto’s Dearly Beloved prior to the show, and was blown away by their performance. I hope word gets out about this band, before they come back to Halifax, next time around.

Here’s a few photos I managed to take with my camera, though I was a little distracted… maybe I was too busy enjoying the show, but nonetheless, here’s some shots…

Dearly Beloved

Like A Motorcycle

Take Part

For more photos from the show, please check out my flickr page by clicking here!

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