Live Preview: Dearly Beloved w/ Judge Bitch, Like A Motorcycle, Take Part

Happening this Friday the 13th, Octopi Entertainment is coming back to bring you Toronto-based band, Dearly Beloved with Judge Bitch, Like A Motorcycle & Take Part at Michael’s Bar & Grill. This is gonna be a pretty awesome night of music, you’re gonna hear some stoner rock, punk, electronic, indie that will be playing, and I don’t think the facebook page does the bands enough justice. So here’s a few music videos from each of the bands playing that night. Be sure to sign up on the events page on facebook, by clicking the link below…

Dearly Beloved, (teaser video for their latest album, “Enduro”)

This is just a teaser video from the band, but man, doesn’t this clip just wanna make you go nuts, and rock out? This band is edgy, and in your face. While other bands in their genre have slowed down, these guys are on their feet, and kicking it.

Judge Bitch, “Viper”

If I gave this band a time machine, and told them to go hide somewhere in time, I’d probably find them in an 80’s/90’s video game arcade, tearing it up. Of course, after I found them, I’d probably invite them to my house, and get them to do a Mega Man cover on the old Nintendo, while someone else plays the actual game on mute.

Like A Motorcycle, “Georgia / Slipping Away”

Alright, back to the head banging music. This is Halifax’s motorlicious punk-rock trio, Like A Motorcycle, giving you a couple of their latest tracks from their new Stay Single EP. Yeah, literally, if you’re single, get your ass out to this show.

Take Part,

Another indie pop rocking band from Halifax. These guys are young, and full of piss and vinegar. I don’t actually have a music video for these guys to show you, so hit up their bandcamp site at


That is all I have to say.


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