Friday Night Soundtrack: Bluenoisin’

On Your Mark

Welcome to the unofficial start to Summer!  It’s been a doubly long and frigid winter, and we barely got a spring, but at least the weather seems to be turning around now in time for the Bluenose Marathon (half, 10k, 5k and kids events).

Having lived downtown around the corner, it was always an exciting (and loud) event, but at that time I didn’t really see what others saw in running, but having started out with a couple of “fun” runs and training to run a full 5k last year, I have to admit I’ve been bitten by that running bug.  This year I’m running at least a pair of 10k races (Bluenose and Epic Canadian) and will work in at least 1 or 2 more shorter more theme based events (I’m looking at you Zombie run!), but in addition to running the 10k, I have been building a playlist which will get me to the finish line in one piece.  While this may deviate a bit from Jeff’s normally party starters, these tunes have been motivating me along my routes, I hope you dig these Bluenoisin’ tunes and give them a go.

Annnnnd now on with the show!

1. “Man of the Year” – Schoolboy Q

This was a song I wasn’t really in love with initially, but once it hit my running playlist I was hooked.  This one keeps me bouncing along through those tough hill laden K’s.

2. “Applause” – Lady Gaga

Say what you will about ol’ Gaga, but she makes some catchy tunes and this is no different.  I feel a bit like a Hamster when this track hits (I would love to sport around town in a Kia Soul) but it has a great rhythm and keeps me moving forward.  It’s pretty easy to zone out too, as it doesn’t take a lot of brain cells.

3. “Maggot Brain” – Funkadelic

There are moments on a long run where things just start flowing and you need a good atmospheric track to caress your ear balls while you grind through the heart of your run (think that 7-8k mark).  The guitar work on this track is unreal and will take you to the far reaches of the cosmos, when this track hits I know my groove is gonna be 10+ minutes long.

4. “Control” – Big Wreck

This is my actual follow up to “Maggot Brain”, another longer track which smoulders the whole way through and just keeps you me locked in that groove.  If you see me when I’m out on the trail and I’m belting out a tune, it’s more than likely I’m singing along with Ian Thornley and Co.

5. “Mind over Matter” – Young the Giant

This starts to pick things back up to enable a strong finish to a long run,  just a mellow rock tune which will help you push through to the finish line.

6. ” I Love It” – Icona Pop

I still have memories of this tune which are shrouded in clouds of dye and cornstarch from last year’s Run or Dye, the Bounce was pumping this song hard at the starting line and I regretted not having it on my playlist.  It’s not something I’d listen to if I wasn’t running, but it makes for a great tune when the finish line is in sight and when you’re crossing over that finish line.



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