Salmon Fest 2014

Well no one would have seen this one coming.  With a classic rock feel deeply engraved within the Salmon Festival roots, it was odd to see that Maroon 5, Pitbull and Simple Plan have been named as the headliners for the July 5th outdoor extravaganza.

I understand that planning any type of show that involves multiple bands can be difficult and that as an organizer you try to keep the acts all within a certain sound or feel (it would be completely bonkers to have Metallica, Carly Rae Jepsen and Daft Punk headlining the show), but what just happened at Salmon Fest?

I’ve been staring at the lineup and have been trying to find some sort of saving grace but I keep coming up empty.  Sure Adam Levine is on a hit show and fronts a very successful pop band, but is anyone rushing out to see Maroon 5 anymore?

If I recall correctly Pitbull is that bald guy who doesn’t really do much other than dance around in fancy suits, on boats, with women in bikinis while half singing/speaking/grunting his way through whatever three and a half minute song is coming through on the speakers.

Simple Plan had a few hits back during the early 2000’s when the pop/punk scene was exploding (I might have even purchased their album back in 2002) but again, is anyone really banging down the door to see these guys?

In 2013 The Eagles were on stage, in 2012 Aerosmith and in 2011 Kiss.  Sure each of these acts are at the tail end of their respective careers but worst case scenario is you end up with 20,000 middle aged men/women reliving the glory days (which is exactly why the rumor of Bruce Springsteen this year would have been another easy sell).

In an era where musicians come and go in the blink of an eye, and the average listener will stick with a band for half of an EP, the idea of headlining a show with 3 artists who were relevant 12 years ago, but never became big enough to gain massive notoriety, is just dumbfounding.

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