A new 8-track: Tunes for your Ears to Peep

As my Holiday Vacation winds down, I thought I’d put together one last 8 Track for 2013.   This is a collection of tunes which has caught my ear in recent weeks, and I hope you enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed them.  Have a wonderful and safe New Year and we’ll see you back year in 2014.  Play safe folks!

1. Magic! – “Rude”

This is one of those tunes which should just pass by unheeded, but the ears like what the ears like.  This tune caught my ear one day and since then this ear worm has been on constant rotation.  I need my fix at least once a day.  Please help.


2. OneRepublic – “Counting Stars”

Another song that lodged itself in my head and hasn’t let go yet, but incessant radio play might help my brain bank purge it soon.  It is a great piece of pop fluff.


3. Sir Sly – “Gold”

XM Radio played this one day, and I instantly wanted more.  It bears strong resemblance to The Neighbourhood with a bit more electronic atmosphere.  This is a great introduction to the band, I hope to hear a lot more from them.


4. Noah Gundersen – “David”

Sons of Anarchy may be a male soap opera which borrows heavily from Hamlet, but there is someone on staff who is a magician with pairing songs to the action on screen, as my introduction to Noah Gundersen was though this tune which kicks off (and amps up) a great chase scene, have a listen, you won’t be sorry you did.


5. Pharrell Williams – “Happy”

This is one of those pure and honestly infectious songs which inspires you to get up and dance along, it is a great throwback tune from Pharrell Williams which invokes the spirit of late 50’s early 60’s soul and funk records.  With so much cynicism permeating the music industry these days, it’s a track such as this which is a refreshing change.  It will genuinely make you happy.


6. Kings of Leon – “Beautiful War”

It was the mini-movie which accompanied this smoldering slow burn of a tune that sealed the deal for me.  I was luke warm on the new KOL album until I heard this tune and I was blown away, easily my favorite track on the disc, but it makes me want to see the band perform this live in a warm grassy amphitheater (hopefully at some point in 2014).  Sit down and watch the video, and let the song wash over you, and then try to shake it.  I have a feeling it will be with you for sometime afterwards.  Enjoy!


7. Pitbull and Ke$ha – “Timber”

Ok, sure this is easily the worst song of this 8 track, but I’m here to introduce you to some new tunes and this is one that I mercilessly mocked when I first heard it, but then something unexpected happened, it began to grow on me.  I don’t know what it is about this odd pairing of country and dance pop (not to mention Pitbull and Ke$ha) but it is stupid catchy.  It lured me in with its ridiculousness and sank its hooks in.  I’ll apologize for this one now.


8.  U2 – “Ordinary Love”

Great tune in the spirit of “Electrical Storm” and “Sweetest Thing”, while it may not be a tune which invokes the spirit of The Joshua Tree or  Achtung Baby, but this is a solid tune in its own right.  This isn’t the soapbox preacher Bono, but pop genius Bono who continues to make great music.  This is a tune which I’ve really latched onto in recent weeks.

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A proud and over-caffeinated husband, father, runner and writer. I've written for the local weekly The Coast for over a decade and have since taken to creating and writing for HAFILAX for even longer. I hope you enjoy the musings of a guy who has loved music for the better part of 4 decades, and has an album of concert tickets to show for it.