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Five Albums That Started Right

Creating an album can be a fickle process where every step of the way is scrutinized to the Nth degree.  Opinions are often emotionally charged thus resulting in multiple discussions on how both songs are constructed and how they fit within the larger whole of an album. (more…) Read More

When is enough, enough U2?

Among all of the iPhone 6 and iOS8 hype, U2 snuck in small bonus with the release of their latest album Songs of Innocence which would be pushed to all iTunes users regardless of the user’s feedback.  In most cases this would be a non-issue, but the news caused a great deal of backlash among users who… Read More

The Run To Greatness (Part 2)

I've decided to skip the rules and explanation of this article and jump directly into the thick of things (you can find the rules back over in part 1). I have to admit that I had a blast putting together part 1 of this article and was happily surprised at the (more…) Read More

NY Song #6

U2 - Angel of Harlem After the Joshua Tree was released U2 stood on top of the music industry. Becoming fully aware of where they stood within the realm of the music world, the arrogance of U2 skyrocketed to an entire new level. The release of Rattle and Hum would (more…) Read More