Washed Out, Paracosm, Sub Pop

washed-out-paracosmmDeparting from the more intimate experience of his previous effort, Ernest Greene, songwriter behind Washed Out has created an album that you can groove to, and feel good about, almost a celebration of sorts. The dreamy sound is still there, but there’s a more tradition sense, since the arrangments in the instruments are more than likely lead off by acoustic guitar than a synthesizer. Speaking of arrangments, there’s quite a bit going on, there’s not one song that really stands out on the album, which is a good thing. From all the multi-layering you’ll want to dig deep, and experience this album on a few spins through. Take the track, “Paracosm” that shares it’s name with the title of the album, it might stand out by name, but in it’s whimsical nature, it’s a song that really has it’s own flavor. It’s as if you’re getting a bag of skittles, each song has it’s own color, and tangy flavor that make up the rainbow. And as for me, I really enjoy ear-candy.

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