A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 22 :: Funniest Song (8 Track Edition)

Ok, let’s try and wrap up this 30 Day Challenge in sort of timely fashion shall we? With Day 22’s task of naming the funniest song, do I take the easy route out and pick a song by a known comedy troupe/artist, or do I go for something a little quirkier? This is the dilemma I’m faced with, but I think I’m going to twist this a bit and make this the latest 8 Track entry, as I have a few songs that I think you’ll know and that I’ve always considered to be my favorite “funny” songs. I’m going to countdown from 8, building to my number 1, so away we go…

8. “Fishheads” – Barnes & Barnes

This might be the weirdest track on the list, and it’s that creepy aspect that makes this both funny and scary. This was a track that for one reason or another has stuck with me over the years. It’s so silly and dumb and that’s what makes it hilarious.


7. “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” – They Might be Giants

This is another throwback to my early years, as I remember seeing this video and being completely enthralled. The Video’s absurdest nature always struck a chord with me and it makes me chuckle every time.


6. “Asshole” – Denis Leary

The older I get, the more I feel this is should be the theme song for people in general. This is the lead track from Leary’s “No Cure For Cancer” set, and it still holds up better than ever.

5. “The Dave’s I Know” – Kids in the Hall

For fans of Kids in the Hall, this will be a staple on this list, it’s absurd, simple and brilliant, Bruce McCullough names the Dave’s he knows, that’s it. This is a track I still reference today.

4. “Dick in a Box” – Lonely Island feat. Justin Timberlake


I remember seeing this the first time and seeing them rip on Color Me Badd was funny unto itself, and then they drop the joke on you, It’s Gold Jerry, It’s GOLD!! I dare you not to laugh.

3. “I’m On a Boat” – Lonely Island feat. T-Pain

Judge if you must, but this song cracks me up as again it’s that absurdly simple concept of what the title says “I’m On a Boat” that plays as a legit hip-hop banger. I want to ride on a dolphin and do flips and shit.

2. “Check the OR” – Organized Rhyme

This track straddles the line of Satire and Legitimacy, I remember this came out early in the career of Tom Green and it was this really catchy hook riddled tune that you can’t not sing along to. I still dig the hell out of this when it comes on, and really don’t know if Tom’s taking the piss out of hip-hop with this tune or not, but damn it’s good!

1. “Pandas Must Die” – Corky and the Juice Pigs


This is a classic! Back when Sean Cullen had a long flowing ponytails, he was making some of the funniest songs of his career, it’s another one of those absurd slices of Canadiana.

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