Friday Night Soundtrack – Dec. 28, 2012

It seems only fitting that the last FNS post of 2012 should be represented by the band who pumped out my favourite album this year; The Avett Brothers. Although the Avett’s have a pretty large collection of tunes, this list is comprised mainly of hits which you may have already heard. The folk-rock sound is just as alive as it always was and the Avett’s are a big reason why.

Live And Die

Cool opening banjo lick and really picks up after the first run through the chorus.

I Never Knew You

Upbeat, catchy and to the point. You can pop this track out in under 3 minutes…..perfect for the radio!

Will You Return

Another radio perfected song. A boy and a girl meet, one heads left the other right, but hope that they wind up in the same spot.

Kick Drum Heart

A piano driven girl meets boy venture and what better way to represent the beating of a heart, than through a kick drum.

Pretty Girl From Michigan

What would be an Avett Brother list without some sort of heart break.

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