Friday Night Soundtrack – Dec. 21, 2012

It’s the Christmas edition!

Now that the pressure is off to have my 2012 list finished, it’s time to continue on with my weekly duties. With Christmas less than a week away, it only seems right that this weeks list is dedicated to this wonderful holiday. Due to my lack of love for Christmas music, there was much homework needed to be done.

As always this list is nothing more than five songs which you might be able throw on some evening, sitting around the table, drinking a cup of eggnog, while the chestnuts roast on an open fire.


I Believe In Santa Claus – Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton

I spent my entire life listening to this album every single Christmas season. My mother would put it on the record player (and eventually upgrade to CD player) on December 1st, and would keep it going the entire month.

Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley

I sing this with my little nephew and the only thing he can blurb out is some mashup of the title. It’s super cute and it’s something that he only does with me. Plus, Elvis is an icon. ‘Nuff said.

Mele Kalikimaka – Bing Crosby

How do you follow up an Elvis Christmas song? The only way I knew was Mr. Bing Crosby himself. Thanks to Chevy Chase, Christmas Vacation and a red bikini, this track has been embedded into most of the population over the age of 25.

Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World

Now don’t get all worked up because I went with Jimmy Eat Worlds version of this song. It’s upbeat and is a good take on an old classic.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

How can you go wrong with this track. Is it just me or are most of the really good Christmas tunes oldies? And if we want to dip into the memory bank one more time, how bout Air Jordan riding around on a train, while Macaulay Culkin fools a couple of silly burglars with some rope and a toy train. Also, check it out around the 26 second mark and let’s be honest……does she really say pumpkin pie?

From all of us at Hafilax, have a happy holidays!

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