30 Day Facebook Challenge (Jeff Edition) – Day 1 – Favourite Song With a Colour In The Title

First off I would like to state, for the record, that although this is the FB 30 Day Challenge, there is a good chance that this will take a little longer than that (maybe a 3 month challenge). With that being said, let’s move on.

Coming up with my favourite song containing a colour seemed like a very simple task, until I dug into my music library and realized how many songs actually contain colours in the titles. After spending some time internally debating between this and that, I have to throw my hat in the Bloc Party ring and go with “Blue Light.” A perfect mixture of poppy, indie vibrance and subtle sadness “Blue Light” is a great example of what makes Bloc Party so likeable. Keeping things simple and elegant all at once, Bloc Party are at their best when hammering out catchy pop songs like this one. I purchased this CD when it was first released and it’s never been out of my rotation.

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