Being a Music Geek Used to be Difficult – Part 6 – Name That Tune

After reading Jeff’s solid piece on Music in Film got me thinking about the hardships we Music Geeks used to have when we sat down to watch a movie. It used to be a constant game of name that tune, you’d hear a snippet of a song during that crucialsceneina movie and while the majority of the audience is focusing on the on-screen performances, we’reshufflingthrough our mental rolodex trying to nail down the artist/song name of the snippet. This was something that fell solely on the music geek and would gnaw away until the credits rolled and we could see who the artist was.This didn’t just happen at the movie theatre, but at least there, you would get a modicum of closure. At the grocery store, shopping mall or other public place, would you have to mentally catalogue any details you could so that you may track down the song or artist at a later date. It was always a rewarding feeling when you finally unraveled the mystery of that song. As I said, this used to be something that unrelentingly plagued music geeks for eons. That was until the advent of apps such as Shazaam or Soundhound.These apps put the power of the internet in your hand, by way of the mobile phone’s ear. You’d simply fire up the app, hit tag, and the mobile device would fire up and begin recording the sound/sound clip in question. In mere seconds you would have all necessary information about the song and none of the mental cataloging that was once necessary. Not only would you know who sang the song, when it was written and what shoe size the lead singer wore, you could also buy the full album, or simply the single via a myriad of sources.This is another example in a growing list of how it used to be difficult to be a Music Geek.Thanks for reading,Trev

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