Quick Hit: 5 Tracks For You to Check Out…..

1. LCD Soundsystem – “Drunk Girls” – This is a fun piece of electro-pop fluff, nothing too heavy. Worth a listen, it also makes for a great road-trip song.

2. K’Naan – “In the Beginning”-Great kickstarter for a mix, loaded with energy and hasaninterestingtaletogo along with it. Highly recommend this track!

3. Matt Mays – “Indio” – Solid lead track off of Coyote, the hook with lodge itself in your brain for days to come, the track is dust laden and gritty as Mays’ previous work.4. Dave Matthews Band – “Mercy” – Another lead single here, Dave’s back with Steve Lillywhite and the classic DMB sound is showcased in its glory here.5. John Mayer – “Born and Raised” – Was in a coffee shop last Saturday morning, and this track was playing, it was the exact track I wanted to hear at that moment. It is a far folkier sound than we’ve gotten from Mayer in the past. Well worth the listen.Trev

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