Hunter Valentine, The Impatient Romantic, True North

There are albums that have you reaching for the stop button even before track 3 has even finished, then again there are albums out there which somehow manage to weld themselves into your portablemusicdevice. The debut LP from Hunter Valentine is undoubtedlyoneofthe latter. Kiyomi’s sultry vocals (think Linda Perry meets Tegan and Sara) smolder so intensely that they are sure to set your speakers ablaze, while Laura’s forceful assault on her drum kit coupled with Adrienne’s bass line provide the robust backbone to Hunter Valentine’s addictive Impatient Romantic. At first glace, the band’s hyper-stylized look is somewhat off-putting, however the moment that their hook-laden lead single “Typical” hits your speakers you know the band is anything but. From the poppy cock-rock “Jimmy Dean” to the heart-wrenching closer “Judy” the Impatient Romantic’s hook-laden track list will have you humming these tunes for weeks to come.

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