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Lunenburg Farmers Market

Farmers Market Lunenburg Nova Scotia
As we noted in our Creamery Square post, we’ve had the opportunity to visit several farmers markets around Nova Scotia. There are a lot of great ones, but I have to say that so far, the Lunenburg Farmers Market is near the top of our list. The Lunenburg Farmers Market is held every Thursday year… Read More

The Ovens – Riverport

A few weeks back, while touring Annapolis Valley, I came across a twitter photo of The Ovens.  Initially, I didn’t believe it was located in Nova Scotia.  It reminded me of pictures taken in the Mayan Riviera.   It was all turquoise waters flowing into waterfront caves.  Stunning.  So stunning that I tried to make Drew… Read More

Ironworks Distillery – Lunenburg, NS

For our wedding, our good friend Josh (@trinitygoldNS) gave us a bottle of Pear Eau De Vie from Ironworks (@Ironworks_NS).   Pear Eau De Vie is a spirit distilled from 100% pear mash similar to an unaged fruit brandy.What made the bottle really exceptional was the full pear grown right into the bottle.  From then on I have been… Read More