Lunenburg Farmers Market

Farmers Market Lunenburg Nova Scotia

As we noted in our Creamery Square post, we’ve had the opportunity to visit several farmers markets around Nova Scotia. There are a lot of great ones, but I have to say that so far, the Lunenburg Farmers Market is near the top of our list.

Lunenburg Market Nova Scotia Corn
The Lunenburg Farmers Market is held every Thursday year round. Depending on the time of year, it is set up either inside or outside the Lunenburg Arena. I visited in August so I got to browse the stands in the fresh air and daylight. By 8am the market was in full swing with a couple dozen vendors offering everything you could need.

Lunenburn Market Nova Scotia Blueberries

Lunenburg Market Nova Scotia Carrots
Each market has its own culture created by both vendors and consumers. As one of the vendors told me, this is very much a fresh produce market. Competition here is fierce! No one will fight you for some of the game-changing cherry tomatoes, everyone here is friendly, but people know who has the best stuff and it tends to run out fast.

Lunenburg Market Laughing Whale Coffee
Once customers have picked up their fresh fruit and vegetables, they move on to the other goods. Hometown favourites such as Laughing Whale Coffee and Schoolhouse Gluten Free Bakery (@shglutenfree) are, of course, here. Gillian has been a long time Schoolhouse fanatic, but because I don’t share her wheat allergy I’ve never tried it. However, I’d been hearing so much about their chocolate chip cookies I couldn’t resist. Best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had, bar none.

Lunenburn Market Nova scotia School House
Grand Pre Wines (@grandprewines) were here, as were Trinity Gold Lemonade (@trinitygoldns), so your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage needs are met. The Fish Store had seafood covered and Wooly Mountain Farm had a full range of meat. There were also artisans with things like purses, shawls and cutting boards.

Lunenburg Market Nova Scotia

Similar to Halifax’s Seaport Market, there was live music to entertain people as they stocked up for the week. A very pleasant market with everything you might need.

Lunenburg Farmers Market
17 Green St
Lunenburg NS

Thursday Mornings
January-May: 8:30 am -12:00 pm
May-January: 8:00 am -12:00 pm


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