Ironworks Distillery – Lunenburg, NS

For our wedding, our good friend Josh (@trinitygoldNS) gave us a bottle of Pear Eau De Vie from Ironworks (@Ironworks_NS).   Pear Eau De Vie is a spirit distilled from 100% pear mash similar to an unaged fruit brandy.What made the bottle really exceptional was the full pear grown right into the bottle.  From then on I have been desperate to get to their distillery.

Ironworks Pear Vodka Pear in Bottle Unique Gifts

Located in Lunenburg, Ironworks Distillery is Nova Scotia’s first micro-distillery.  Their shop is run out of an old smithery.  It is a lovely spot, dark and welcoming, with the original wood floor and walls, a large tasting bar and visible stills.   While not all products feature a carefully grown pear in the bottle, all products at Ironworks are crafted with care. They use locally grown produce and old distilling methods to create their line of artisan spirits.


We tried the full line up, from the apple brandy to the rhubarb liquer.  While it was hard to select a favourite (they were all really good) we both selected the blueberry liquer as our top pick.  We also have to mention their apple based vodka, and their most unique options – Arctic Kiwi and Rhubarb.  Don’t be fooled by the kiwi (like I was).  Arctic Kiwi is a smaller type of kiwi that can be grown right in our region.

Ironworks Distillery
The Blacksmith’s Shop
2 Kempt Street
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


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