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The Schnitzel Parlour – Fredericton, NB

Royal Chocolates The Schnitzel Parlour Fredericon
I visited the Schnitzel Parlour in Fredericton with strict instructions from the owners, “Do not eat before you come!!” The restaurant is owned by Uwe and Beate, a husband and wife team who moved to Fredericton 13 years ago from Frankfurt, Germany. The restaurant is located about 15 minutes from downtown Fredericton, at the Silverwood… Read More

Quartermain House B&B – Fredericton, NB

Pull up a chair by the fire at the Quartermain House Inn
The Quartermain House has a long history of hospitality. Since it was constructed in 1840 it has been home to premiers and host to princes and princesses. A few months ago, The Quartermain House (@QuartermainHBnB) started a new chapter in its grand history with the opening of a luxurious 5-star B&B run by Debra Quartermain. I… Read More

The Lunar Rogue – Fredericton, NB

Large selection of whiskeys line the shelves at Lunar Rogues
When I first finished school I spent six months working with a local whisky expert. My job involved writing, editing, filming short cocktail videos and, inevitably, trying a lot of whisky. My employer talked a lot about other whisky greats in the area, and Frank Scott's name came up a lot.  Frank runs The Lunar Rogue (@TheLunarRogue), Fredericton's oldest… Read More

The Delta Fredericton

King Room at the Delta Fredericton
The Delta Fredericton (@DeltaFRE) recently underwent a huge makeover! In addition to giving its look a facelift, they implemented a number of eco-friendly updates that will help to reduce the overall water, electric and fuel consumption of the building. Click on the video below to take a tour of the new property and hear about cool… Read More