TreeGo Mactaquac Park – Fredericton, NB

Climbing through the spider web at TreeGo Fredericton

A few months ago I decided that summer 2013 was going to be my summer of adventure (#SummerOfAdventure). So naturally, when planning a recent trip to Fredericton, TreeGo was at the top of my list.

Last summer I tried OnTree, a (then) new outdoor adventure park in Martock. Despite my best intentions, OnTree was not a pleasant experience for me, though @drewmoorens enjoyed it. Between a crippling fear of heights and the sheer strength, balance and agility required to navigate most of the courses, my OnTree experience ended with me stuck and calling for help from the middle of one of the (easier) courses. Since then, I have wanted to redeem myself.

It just so happened that the day we selected for TreeGo there was a 100 mm rain warning in Fredericton. Not one to be easily deterred once I have something in my head I pulled on the most waterproof clothing in my suitcase and headed for the park with my younger sister in tow.


We arrived at TreeGo at 2pm, met staff, signed waivers and strapped into our climbing gear. We watched a short video on safety procedures and general rules and then headed up to a test course.

The test course is a short uphill walk from the TreeGo office. Due to the heavy rain, it was a muddy introduction to what would be a very wet, very fun afternoon. The best thing about going on a really rainy day was small crowds. These types of outdoor adventure parks are often packed, especially on a weekend. It was just us, three staffers and a birthday party of what I would guess to be 7 year olds (and who looked to be experienced TreeGo’ers). We whipped through the test run then headed out with a guide to the first course.
Image from Course 1 at TreeGo Fredericton

TreeGo is made up of four courses, each one progressively harder than the last. Our guide took us through the first course moving through the bridges, ropes and swinging platforms with ease. Both Britt and I had a bit more difficulty, making it through but without much grace or poise, and a whole lot more screams, yelps and moans.

Outdoor Ladder at TreeGo Park Fredericton

By course two we were on our own and the obstacles were starting to feel a bit more natural. We still both looked like fish out of water but the initial panic had loosened its grip. The second course is much longer with two ziplines, one halfway and one near the end. By the time we finished course 2 we were both soaked through to the skin with the rain only getting worse. Cold, wet, but feeling pretty accomplished, we decided to call it a day.

River running through TreeGo Fredericton - in a Provincial Park!

The biggest difference between OnTree and TreeGo is the scenery and the difficulty. TreeGo was a bit easier than most of the courses at OnTree, but the views were breathtaking. TreeGo is located in the Mactaquac Provincial Park. Everywhere you looked you were surrounded by lush green trees and roaring rivers. If you make it to the end you are also rewarded with a double zip line across a lake near the entrance to the park.

Wobbly Bridge in the air at TreeGo

We didn’t make it that far, but we did get to see much more of the Mactaquac Park after a wrong turn left us lost in the woods. When we finally emerged we found ourselves in the middle of a provincial campground still decked out in our wicked cool climbing gear. Luckily our awesome guide Stacey from Fredericton Tourism tracked us down, but only after a few strange looks from camp residents and an awkward exchange with a campsite employee.

Even in the heavy rain, we had a great time at TreeGo.  For adults, the cost is $31.86 plus tax, or $28.32 per person if you have a group of 15 or more. If you are planning to go you have to book in advance. Find out more, or book a session by phoning (506) 363-4440.

Tree Go Mactaquac
1439 Route 105
Mactaquac, NB


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