Show Shots // The Town Heroes @ The Marquee Ballroom – 08.12.23

A few snaps from December’s fantastic showcase at the Marquee Ballroom with The Town Heroes. While the Heroes (Mike, Bruce, Tori and Zach) sounded fantastic as always, it was an absolute blast catching up-and-comer Jackson Weldon, local favourite Elyse Aeryn, and the hard-rockin’ Skunk Motel.

Jackson pulled off an unheard-of feat by wowing the crowd to such an extent that they demanded one more song, to which Weldon strolled on stage and performed “Love You With My Eyes Closed” by Adam Baldwin.  Skunk Motel had a blast on stage and sounded incredible with a harder-edged pop-infused rock.  All year leading up to this show, I had been hearing a definite buzz surrounding Elyse, and when she hit the stage, you could see that star power emanating from the singer-songwriter.

Then headliners The Town Heroes hit the Marquee Ballroom stage and charmed the heck out of the crowd.  At points in the show, Mike offloaded a variety of tiny chocolate bars by throwing them to the awaiting audience.  It is always a memorable experience when you have the chance to see the Town Heroes perform in person, and this night was no exception.

Jackson Weldon

Skunk Motel

Elyse Aeryn

Town Heroes

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