Show Thoughts and Shots // Andre Pettipas & The Giants @ Below Deck Dive Bar – 21.10.23

It’s hard to believe it has been a month since Andre Pettipas and The Giants headlined a show at the newly minted Below Deck (formerly Pubcade) with Whale and the Wolf and Customer Service, but it’s true. About a month ago, Andre and the crew brought a nightly faction of fans into the former Pubcade, for one of the loudest shows I’ve attended recently.
As I got to the top of the steps of the venue, there was a vicious bombast reverberating up the concrete stairwell even before I set foot into the performance space. That fury was coming from local punk rock outfit Customer Service, and the vigour of youth was on full display, with a shirtless swagger and a disregard for gravity. Initially, when I saw the performers, I thought they missed an opportunity to name themselves The Radcliffes, as the majority of the band looked like variants of Daniel Radcliffe playing Weird Al. It kicked things off in a big way.
This show was one of the first on the East Coast for Edmonton-based Whale and the Wolf, and while they may not be household names quite yet, they were touring on their recently released album Envy. An album which should help build their status on the Canadian Music scene. The album (and live sound) is reminiscent of late 90s and early 2000s CanCon rock, and if you toss on “Sharp Knife” or “Veins” you’ll get an idea of what the band is about.
Then it was time for Andre Pettipas and the Giants to take to the “stage”. The local grunge-influenced hard-rockers are one of the most infectious and energetic acts on the East Coast, and I’m sure you could power a small city from frontman Andre’s gregarious energy and positivity. Below Deck is something of a home base for the band, as they hail from the New Glasgow area, and while a larger stage would afford more of the dynamics of their performances, this room adds comfort and energy to the show by way of its intimate basement-like nature.
If you’ve never had the chance to check out Andre Pettipas and the Giants, they have a show upcoming on the 17th of November which deserves your attention. All in all, that show at the tail end of October was an absolute blast and gave me a whole new appreciation for the work that Andre, Travis, John and Mark have been putting in. Can’t wait until our paths cross again.

Andre Pettipas and the Giants

Whale and the Wolf

Customer Service

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