One Track // Troy Alistair – “Jump The Gun” Video Release

What do you do when you have more music than your current band can get to? Obviously, you start a side project. Throughout the course of history (or musical history), artists have been known to step aside from their current projects to dabble within the unknown. Maybe they have ideas that don’t necessarily fit with what the current band is doing, or maybe they just feel lured into a different musical realm due to other individuals.

No matter what the reason, the one thing we can count on is that we as consumers are subject to more music; and let’s be honest, the more music the better!

Taran Guest is no stranger to the musical scene on the East Coast. As a founding member of the group Brothers, he has spent the past few years perfecting his sound and songwriting as the band toured behind their first full-length album, Zebra. 

Carrying on with his love of rock and hip-hop, Taran has enlisted a talented group of musicians to help explore another avenue of his mind. With his new project titled Troy Alistair, Guest is able to expand his musical palate while maintaining one foot in that which has made him the artist he is today.

For the first single, “Jump The Gun”, Guest dives into the concept of meeting your soulmate but not necessarily realizing this at the time. The primary idea behind the song is knowing when to approach the other person to start up a conversation and hoping that the worlds collide. From there the song steps throughout the entire process of what might go on in your mind, should you find yourself situated across the table from your soon-to-be lifelong partner.

The song and video can both be found over on the Facebook page for Troy Alistair here, and make sure to stay tuned as he will be releasing a video every Thursday during the month of August, in support of his new project, Troy Alistair.

For all things Taran you can head on over to and never miss a beat, and for all of the podcast people out there, we spoke with Taran a few months back, before the release of Zebra, an album from his other band, Brothers.  You can check that podcast out here.


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