One Track: Moon, “Dented In The Bag”

Sometimes I like to go on a hunt for new music, and just sometimes I find a hidden gem. Usually my reaction is download the tune/album, and put it on regular rotation onto my iPod. But sometimes, that hidden gem comes from my own backyard, and I just want to tell everyone about it. That is the case with Halifax’s indie-psychedelic-experimental-…(they have quite a unique sound), MOON. They are fairly new, and I’ve been scouring their Band Camp page. So far, from all of their music that’s posted up on their site, I’m liking what I’m hearing. Especially this one dream-like track, titled “Dented In The Bag”. Catchy, yet quite calming.

Moon by Moon

Get this, they also have a show coming up tonight, yes tonight @ Gus’ Pub, with FREAK HEAT WAVES, VIET CONG, & MATTHEW SAMWAYS @ 10pm. If you are in and around the area, go check this show out.

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