Live Review & Photos: Slowcoaster w/ The Odd Bit @ The Marquee Ballroom, Halifax

Hey Haligonians, before I post my bit on the Slowcoaster, and The Odd Bit show that happened last night at the Marquee, I just want to say that Halifax’s has got a pretty happening music scene. It’s not only the bands that show up to rock the shows, day-in and day-out but the fans that come to see these shows, that bring a fun & friendly vibe. If your an out of towner, you’ll feel pretty welcomed at any show you’ll go to in the Halifax scene, and that was quite evident at the Marquee last night.

Despite the pouring rain, and that gloomy look that was masking downtown Gottingen St, there was a bit of sunshine (not that kinda 60’s hippie sunshine, but the groovy kind) that was leaking from the Marquee last night.

The show kicked off with The Odd Bit who set the tone of the night, and got the crowd dancing. They played a great set last night, and it’s good to seem them playing at one of the more well known venues here in Halifax. After the Odd Bit had warmed up the crowd, Slowcoaster came up on stage, and brought the crowd into a frenzy. It was quite awesome. With their east coast/raggae vibe, it was like… while the rest of Halifax was feeling like the month of April, the Marquee was feeling a lot like Jamaica.

Both bands put on some awesome jams, and it’s great to see, cause most shows I go to there’s a bit of a mismatch, but these two bands compliment each other quite well, in words of style, and in the crowd’s reaction.

As for future shows for both bands, I think The Odd Bit are travelling back and forth from Cape Breton to Halifax for their shows, and I think Slowcoaster are playing at this year’s Evolve that’s happening in a few weeks time.

(Hey, people who organize the Evolve festival! Bring The Odd Bit on board!)

Here’s some photos taken from both sets…

The Odd Bit

theoddbit marquee (1)

theoddbit marquee (2)

theoddbit marquee (3)

theoddbit marquee (4)


slowcoaster marquee (2)

slowcoaster marquee (1)

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