Venue Countdown #8 – Michaels

It’s not always easy being the new kid on the block, but Michael’s Bar and Grill has made it look easy. Coming out of the gates with a bang, this venue has gained a reputation for unleashing some of the most interesting and talented musicians this city has to offer. When it comes to diversity, there is no denying that Michael’s is also the leader in Halifax in keeping things original. From folk to metal to techno, no genre is alienated at this wonderful bar.

The neat thing about this venue is the trek towards the performance space and stage area. You first pass through the restaurant area, before being ushered through a back door. The first time I landed there for a show, I can still remember thinking that I at the wrong venue and was going to find myself in the middle of some underground rave.

In terms of size, the venue seems ok as it’s not a tiny room and it’s also not a massive hall, so at no point throughout a show would anyone have trouble seeing or hearing the act playing. Due to its convenient size, navigation once inside, is simple and slick (there’s nothing worse than walking a mile to get a drink).

You might not find the bigger name acts playing shows here but you’ll definitely find some of the newest and brightest in town.

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