One Track: Colour Code, “I’ve Been Told”

colour code

Welcome to the latest addition to the recommend listening called “One Track”, which focuses on upcoming artists on the east coast. We will be suggesting you with some awesome sounding tracks by some of our favorite east coast artists. This will be a weekly edition, and it’ll be every Monday morning. So you can start your day, while eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, or while in the shower, and checking out these tunes.

There has been a lot of talk at Hafilax dot com over PEI’s Colour Code. They recently played at the Company House a couple weeks ago, and they put on an amazing show. You can check out our review of the show by scrolling further down the site. Me, myself, I’ve fallen in love with their music ever since the show, and have been listening to their demo.

For Hafilax’s first “One Track” post, I thought we’d start off with something special with a very distinct east coast sound. So this week, the One Track is Colour Code’s first track off their latest demo, “I’ve Been Told”. You can preview the song down below…

I've Been Told by Colour Code

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