One Track: “Victoria” – Tamara Williamson – Indie

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Victoria Montenegro
Inspiration doesn't usually call ahead and schedule an appointment, it is a fickle beast and can sneak up at any given point and strike unexpectedly.  All that you can really do, is be open to the opportunity and grasp hold. Such is the case with songwriter and chanteuse Tamara Williamson and her track "Victoria". As told to HAFILAX, Tamara was driving her son… Read More

Tom Petty vs Music

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It was recently announced that new kid on the block, Sam Smith, has agreed to terms that will pay one of music's most well-known artists, Tom Petty, a reported 12.5% writing credit for Smith's massive 2014 hit, "Stay With Me".  Apparently the case was made when it was noticed that both the verse and chorus… Read More

Much Anticipated Albums Of 2015

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We've taken the time to reflect on what a year it had been in 2014. We had the pleasure to tear apart and enjoy each and every album we could get our feisty hands on, and compiled up all of our favourites. And after going from album to album, through multiple spins, we are ready… Read More

One Track :: XP Da X – “I Never Left” – 1Way Music

Entertainment & Arts Having been a music critic for well over a decade, it's hard to turn off the critical setting which has been hard-coded on my brain and it makes it increasingly difficult to engage that smile setting. There are those moments when I hear something and it immediately hits that spot and a smile spreads… Read More

Concert Announcements…..including the JPE!!

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Mar 28 - Easter Bunny 6321
It was a busy week for concert announcements in the city, so let's break them down shall we? ---- For the hip-hop heads of Halifax, Waka Flocka is playing the Marquee Ballroom on Friday the 13th of February and Neon Dreams will be sharing the stage on this evening. More details can be found over… Read More

Halifax’s A-Z Music Video Guide To Music In 2014

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Hey music peoples, with 2014 in the books, and the festive season out of the way, I've taken the time to reflect on some of the music that has been released locally here in Halifax over the past year. To my surprise, 2014 has seen an amazing list of new & upcoming artists, and returning… Read More

Jeff’s Favourites of 2014

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And just like that another year has come and gone.  With thousands of albums released over the past year, you would assume that picking albums to make up a list would be an easy task, however when it came time to put my own list together, I found myself in a musical mess.  Where did… Read More