Can Music Save The World?

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Two years ago, a good friend came to me with an idea that, at the time, seemed completely off the wall.  It wasn't an idea that would change the way a musician strings his/her guitar, or one that would mash your potatoes while simultaneously boiling them (but how cool would that one be).  No, this idea was one which… Read More

Hafilax Does HPX: HPX Is Hip-Hop (The Preview)

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2014 appears to be the year of Hip-Hop when it comes to the Halifax Pop Explosion's line-up, with acts such as critical favorite Danny Brown, fan favorites and Wu-Tang alumni Raekwon (the Chef) and Ghostface Killah, Canadian Sensation SonReal and local favorites Ambition, Quake Matthews and Mike Boyd.   With that murderers row of well… Read More

The Vacation Is Over

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With a longer than expected period of time off from the site (roughly two months....but who's counting), and with the Halifax Pop Explosion right around the corner, I felt that it was a good time to dive back into the musical world and pump out some words.  With the recent purchase of a home, I've been able… Read More