One Track: In-Flight Safety, “Animals”

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With the East Coast Music Week vastly approaching next month, in St. John's, Newfoundland, I thought I'd give these guys a plug, as they'll be playing at the festival between April 9th to the 11th. And that's reason enough to go check out In-Flight Safety, especially if you're in the area during the festival, as… Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack – Feb. 27th, 2015

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I've spent the past few months completing some major renovations to my home, and during that stretch have had the pleasure of listening to some super, fantastic music. None of what will follow is either new or local, but there is no denying that the following five songs are musical gems. (more…) Read More

One Track: METZ, “Acetate”

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With all of the creative designs, pancake art seems to be all the rage these days, and so is Toronto's noise-rock band, METZ. After their massive sonic release of their self-titled debut album in 2012 through Sub Pop (aka the label that brought us Nirvana & Soundgarden, later Father John Misty & Beach House), METZ… Read More

Has the “Classic” Album become Extinct?

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Let me settle into my rocking chair here on this porch for a minute; I'm by no means an old man, but I'm firmly rooted in the quickly aging Generation X clan. I have been around long enough to see 8 tracks, cassettes, vinyl, compact discs all grow long in the tooth and slowly fade… Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack, The Deep Winter Edition

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Hey you, sitting on the computer. Not having any luck embracing this cold winter that we are having? Find yourself hibernating inside, away from the snow storms, and -20 degree weather. Well guess what? So am I. Apart from the usual jet-setting from concert to concert in downtown Halifax during the warmer months, I've been… Read More

Concert Review :: Craig Cardiff @ The Company House (7pm Set)

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Craig Cardiff
While he may call Arnprior, Ontario home, The Company House feels like it may well indeed be Cardiff's home away from home.  His interactions with fans (and a certain blogger) feel downright hospitable, as if he had invited his audience directly into his living room; and for all intents and purposes, he essentially accomplished this, thanks to… Read More

One Track: “Victoria” – Tamara Williamson – Indie

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Victoria Montenegro
Inspiration doesn't usually call ahead and schedule an appointment, it is a fickle beast and can sneak up at any given point and strike unexpectedly.  All that you can really do, is be open to the opportunity and grasp hold. Such is the case with songwriter and chanteuse Tamara Williamson and her track "Victoria". As told to HAFILAX, Tamara was driving her son… Read More