Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 2014 Teaser

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Hey you! Get ready for the loudest, crunchiest music festival of the summer that is hitting the valley for round two. This year, the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock festival has been pushed to two days and two nights, featuring 25+ bands, Chaos Theory, Black Moor, Hitman, Hero's Last Rite, and a whole lot more.… Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack – Aug 15th/2014

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For the past few weeks we've been busy showing you what we've been up to, with a slew of pictures from the shows that have been taking place around town.  What we failed to do is share what we've been listening to while we've been out and about, so tonight's Friday Night Soundtrack will look… Read More

Photos: The Motorleague @ Cunard Centre, August 5th, 2014

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Opening for the Dropkick Murphys @ the Cunard Centre was Moncton’s punk/hard rock pioneers, The Motorleague. I had the opportunity to catch them at the East Coast Music & Big Red Festival, both in Prince Edward Island. Always a pleasure to see them on the card, as they always put in a 110% at every show, and they just simply rock.

You know, when you listen to a band’s album, you begin to learn most of their songs. Well for me, it’s been going to their live shows and learning their songs from first hand. Just out of curiosity, I recently picked up their latest album, “Acknowledge, Acknowledge” which was released last year, and it has been high on my rotation. Some of my favorite tunes off the album, “Litany For The Completely Forgettable” (catchy chorus, lyrically opposite of forgettable), “Failsafes” (for the sheer intensity of the song), “North America” (this is one of their singles, and pretty epic). If you have the time, check out the album.

Here’s some photos, enjoy!

 Photos by: Justin Roy

The Stogies Release New Video + Tour Dates

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Halifax rock n’ roll quintet, the Stogies, have released a video for their song “Gift Horse”, which is the first song from their upcoming album HOOT (October 2014). Produced by Jon Landry of Halifax’s The Stanfields, the album was recorded in the spring of 2014 at CodaPop studios with Erien Eady-ward, mixed at the Sonic… Read More

Photos: Dropkick Murphys @ Cunard Centre, August 5th, 2014

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Dropkick Murphys were in town last night, and here’s some photos I took during the show. This event was hosted by Sonic Concerts, who bring in a lot of popular talent into the east coast, and also promote east coast bands.

There’s quite a bit of shows coming up by the promotion that will be hitting Halifax, check them out by clicking on their link…

 Photos by: Justin Roy

One Track: Rich Aucoin, “Yelling In Sleep”

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Just thought I'd throw some more love towards the Rich Aucoin camp, and in support of his upcoming album, "Ephemeral". This is the latest track, it's called "Yelling In Sleep", and I'll have to admit, it's pretty bad ass. The song opens with some distorted like bass, and just charges into the chorus like some… Read More

Photos: Rich Aucoin @ Alderney Landing, Natal Day, August 2nd, 2014

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Here’s some photos from last night show at Alderney Landing, with Rich Aucoin. Probably one of the most fun shows I’ve been to all summer, this is the kind of show you need to re-energize you, after days of hot sun and humidity in Halifax. Props to the Natal Day Festival Committee for putting together such a great line-up of artists, and throwing these free shows each year.

I hope you enjoy the photos!
- Justin

 Photos by: Justin Roy

Halifax Pop Explosion 2014, Initial Line-up Announced!

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Just recently announced today, Halifax Pop Explosion's inital acts for it's 2014 line-up has been released, and the festival will be taking place between October 21st to the 25th. This year's HPX is looking very hip hop/rap, and dubstep heavy. With the successful show of Killer Mike last year, and the unexpected medical emergency of… Read More