HPX2014 – Night 2: Into the Wee Hours Pt.1

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Oct 22 - HPXDay1n2 15613-1
This was the night where the plan came together.  It was one of those nights where I made sure to carefully formulate a game-plan which would ensure I wasn't missing any of my targeted acts on the first truly packed night of shows. It went almost to plan, aside from the fact that I realized… Read More

The Rich Aucoin Experience

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Rich Aucoin has spent the past eight years perfecting a craft that few are able to master and after Thursday nights performance at Reflections Cabaret for the Halifax Pop Explosion, it's safe to say perfection isn't very far off. (more…) Read More

The Lazys @ Monte’s – Oct 20th, 2014

Entertainment & Arts
When you come across a Bar/Club owner so excited about a band who is out on tour, to actually line up an alternate venue in which the band can play, there might be something worth checking out.  Even if it happened to be a show which was best suited for a messy weekend outing, the… Read More