York Redoubt National Historic Site – Halifax, NS

As many of our readers know, Charlie is the newest member of our traveling family.  Charlie is a six month old, 20lb bundle of barely-contained canine energy.  He loves people, running, other dogs, running, food and running.  Needless to say, we need to keep him pretty active.  To date, I’ve taken up running AND begged a neighbour to let us walk their dog in the afternoons all in an attempt to tire him out.

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We have some great trails near our place where we walk him several times a day, but we’re always on the hunt for places where we can let Charlie do his thing.  For some time now, our fellow dog-owning neighbours have been encouraging us to take Charlie to York Redoubt, so this past weekend we packed up the car and our pup and headed out for a little family adventure.

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I love York Redoubt (@ParksCanada_NS).  I grew up in the area and can remember spending many days there as a kid.  It has much of the appeal of Citadel without the themed costumes and admission fee.  It’s a great place for a little NS history lesson.  As it turns out, it is also a GREAT spot to take your dog for some scenic on-leash fun.

Man walking up staircase in York Redoubt Park Halifax Nova Scotia

There is lots of space to walk around at York Redoubt.  There is also a great, scenic walking path.  If you head to the water and up your first set of stairs, you can walk for about half a kilometer and get a great view of the ocean, cannons, and a high vantage point of the battlements.

Dog looking at historic building York Redoubt Halifax Nova Scotia

The best part for us (and for Charlie) was all of the other dogs.  We met about 10 other dog owners. York Redoubt, as with all Parks Canada sites, requires you to keep your pup on-leash, but this is a great place for pups to socialize.  Charlie came home happy and exhausted, allowing us a few peaceful hours to relax and get some work done.

York Redoubt National Historic Site
Purcells Cove Road
Fergusons Cove, NS

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