Pump House Brewery – Moncton, NB

Pump House (pumphousebrewery.ca, @phbrewery) has been Moncton, New Brunswick’s much-loved brew pub since 1999.  Located just off Esplanade in downtown Moncton, it’s the kind of place you want to go to hang out with a group of friends in a comfortable setting with good food and good beer.


Pump House offers everything you could want in terms of pub fare, with a menu full of well-proportioned fish & chips, appetizer platters and burgers.  What makes Pump House a stand out for me are the wood fired pizzas and the Devil’s Backbone Buffalo Burger that I enjoyed on my last visit.  At $11.59, this half-pound buffalo patty with peppercorn and provolone cheese makes for a worthy meal.


Pump House is perhaps best known for its Blueberry Ale.  @GillianWesleyNS is a fan of it, as she is of their Premium Lager.  Both are available throughout the Maritimes in liquor stores, along with their new variety packs that also include their Canadian Cream Ale, Fire Chief’s Red Ale, Scotch Ale and S.O.B. Special Old Bitter.  Based on the bottles, the S.O.B. was my favourite, so I ordered a sampler tray to try their other beer offerings not available in bottle.


The sampler tray features all of the above beers along with their IPA, Pail Ale, Muddy River Stout, Amber Ale and their seasonal, which changes monthly (the Winter Warmer when I was there in December).  These are all the beers that would be more along my preferences, so it’s really too bad we can’t get them here in NS.  The IPA was my favourite, and the Muddy River Stout is quite good, too.

Year Opened: 1999

Location: 5 Orange Lane, Moncton, NB

Sample Trays Available? Yes – and it’s a massive 10-12 samples depending on what they’re brewing.

We Recommend: Dining in! Pump House is one of our favourite places to spend a few hours over craft beer and food.  They have a very good bison burger and delicious wood-fired pizza (put the chili oil on it!)

Pump House Brewery Sample Beer Line-Up:

Blueberry Ale
Cadian Cream Ale
Fire Chief Red Ale
Scotch Ale
S.O.B – Special Old Bitter
Pump House Premium Lager
Braunschweig Wicked Wheat

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