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Foxhill Farm Cheese

Fox Hill (@foxhillcheese) cheese and milk are already staples of our weekly Halifax Seaport Market purchases.  For those who aren’t familiar with Fox Hill Cheese House’s products, let me indulge you.

The milk is non-homogenized and comes in 1L returnable glass bottles.  They have a wide variety of cheese, including feta, parmesan, gouda, havarti, and some great cheddars.  Honestly, we love cheese more than we should and could easily spend our weekly budget here.

Because of this, it was with great anticipation that we took Exit 11 from Hwy 101 to visit Fox Hill Farm.  We were, after all, in the middle of a winery tour, and how can you try wine without trying some cheese?

We began salivating when we saw the familiar logo on the barn.  There is a wall of refrigerators on the right side as you enter, featuring their wide variety of cheeses, milk, chocolates and assorted products from other local sources.  Directly in front is their gelato counter, and to the side is a tray with 20 different samples of cheese.

We grabbed a couple toothpicks and pretzels and went to work trying each type.  The peppercorn may have edged out herb and garlic for our favourite gouda.  It was hard to choose between the Fenugreek and Italian herbs and spices havarti.  The curry quark was a winner and the three year old cheddar reminded us that we don’t get nearly enough cheddar anymore.

Once we were done sampling we bought a double scoop of gelato, one chocolate and one peanut butter, in a waffle cone and took it outside to enjoy on their deck.

The deck overlooks a small pond. There are several tables, and because it is shaded it is a great area to relax for a bit.  They have gift packs of various sizes of cheese and chocolate at great prices, so we bought a gift of a medium pack for ourselves.  In case you’re interested in having your own wine and cheese, the nearest winery is Blomidon.

1678 Church St,
Port Williams, NS

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM




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