Soon the old CBC building, at the corner of Summer Street and Bell Road, will be demolished to make way for the hospital expansion. I've never found the building particularly interesting, but I do like how its stub-nosed entrance echoes the curve of Bell Road. When the building opened in 1956,…Read More

Fairly Conventional Centre

On Sunday the Halifax Convention Centre hosted an open house, so Sheila and I went down to take our first look inside the big blue shard. Have you been? It's a mammoth space and very clean. At every turn we were met and engaged by helpful staff who made us feel most welcome. I do…Read More

Mid-Century Curves

When I posted this picture of a vigorously curvy concrete park bench on Twitter, it attracted more attention than anticipated. People liked it, and also ate their lunch on it. It's at the corner of Queen and Green Streets, in a parkette that was created about 1980 as part of the…Read More

Looking for a Gift to the Street

The provincial government progressed from total secrecy to communication stumbles in their recent roll out of a proposed QEII hospital parkade and power plant. In the midst of the, not surprising, public outrage, urban planner Tristan Cleveland offered a helpful reminder and plea to us all. For the whole massive hospital project it is really…Read More