Greek Key Designs

Do you listen to the spirits? For a while I have been thinking about writing a blog post on the design known as Greek key, but was in no hurry. Then last week while digging in the garden near an old stone wall I turned up a shard of 19th century ceramics with Greek key pattern.…Read More

What if Cogswell ?

Recently we attended the Project Kick-Off event for the Cogswell Street Interchange redevelopment. The redundant, late 1960s interchange represents a colossal failure in planning, so folks are very engaged in getting it right this time around (there will not be a third chance). The good news we were told is "everybody wants it!" You can take…Read More

Celebrating Margaret’s Justice

Last Saturday we attended a very special family christening down on Digby Neck. It was not for some sweet, gurgling babe but celebrated my great great great grandmother, Margaret Davis, who died in 1858, age 94. Actually it was a new ferry that was being christened, named Margaret's Justice in honour of my ancestor. At the…Read More

Feeling that Explosion

The 100th anniversary of the Explosion is next year and in the coming months you can expect a crescendo of absorption in Halifax's Great Disaster of 1917. Recently the City put out a call for proposals to renovate the chimes in the Fort Needham Explosion Memorial. Then the Narratives in Space + Time Society organized a harbour boat tour that…Read More