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Frangipane and Pear Galette

Light, flaky pastry, pears and almond cream make the perfect Frangipane and Pear Galette from I Say Nomato
Light, flaky pastry slathered with almond cream and topped with local Bosc pears to create this amazing Frangipane and Pear Galette. Ah, pastry, we meet again. Welcome to Beyond the Thunderdough! Two shall enter. One shall leave. (I’m also partial to Revenge of the Sift. I could make these puns all day.) Pastry dough is my… Read More

Crunchy Pear and Brie Crepes

Crunchy Pear and Brie Crepes - I Say Nomato Nightshade Free Food Blog
One of my most favourite book series of all time are the Redwall books by Brian Jacques. Thick, but easy books aimed for the young and the eternally young, they’re stories written for those yearning for adventure, the clash of good and evil. You could argue that the main characters in these books are all the creatures that inhabit… Read More