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Cape Breton Lifestyles

Places to stay Baddeck
Traditionally, Nova Scotia’s tourism season runs from May until October, but a new set of properties in Cape Breton is looking to change that. Cape Breton Lifestyles is run by the same family that owns and operates Cape Breton Resorts, a locally owned collection of luxury resorts - The Inverary Inn, Dundee Resort and Golf Club, and Glenghorm Beach Resort. [caption… Read More

Bean There Cafe – Baddeck, NS

Chai Latte Cinnamon Bun Coffee Baddeck Cape Breton Nova Scotia
Between learning to make a fish hook, becoming awestruck by Alexander Graham Bell’s accomplishments and a couple Chowder Trail bowls, Gillian and I took a moment to sit down and relax at the Bean There Coffee Café in Baddeck.  It is a charming little café along the main strip in Baddeck, with a patio for… Read More