The Quarterdeck Beachside Villas – Summerville, NS

The Quarterdeck Villas and Grill

As we walked across the short, wooden boardwalk that leads to the villas at The Quarterdeck, the first thing we hear are the waves. A dozen sets of coupled beach chairs line a green strip of grass facing the sea.

We check in with the office to pick up our keys. Two friendly staff give us a quick introduction to the space.

“We have a cookie run at 8:30 every evening. We like to spoil our guests.”

They waste little time getting us into our villa. We’ve been on the road a few days, and slept on straw the night before, so we both appreciate the quick turnaround from check-in to rest and relaxation.



The villa is exactly what you’d hope for in a spot by the sea. It is clean and bright with pops of colour to offset the sandstone, pewter, and wood. I like the little features: starfish cabinet handles, framed seashells, small live plants, and tea for two.




In our kitchen we find an order form for breakfast.

There is a list of à-la-carte items available to purchase. Eggs, fruit, cereal, sausage, milk, bacon, and other breakfast treats. It’s a great idea, something I haven’t seen in past travels.


The villa is truly stunning, but we waste little time getting closer to the sea. There are lots of options here. Each of the two bedrooms upstairs opens onto a seaside balcony where you can watch the waves from above. Down below are pairs of reclining beach chairs spaced along the grass.


We go for option three, the front deck. There are two deck chairs on either side of a beautifully worn wooden crate discreetly hiding beach toys, shovels and pails.

The Quarterdeck Nova Scotia

The villas are close together. That isn’t a bad thing, they just are. It means sharing the flowers and green space and sea with new companions. We don’t talk much to our new neighbors, but we share a passing word or a smile as people make their way to and from the shore.

We sit in blissful silence sipping a beer by the sea as kids run back and forth in front of us. It isn’t disruptive. It’s just…nice. Laughter, the sea, the sunset, and the occasional smile from a neighbor passing by.

We’re lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea, and wake in the morning to this:


I spend the morning writing on the reclining beach chairs, taking an occasional break to flip through the Sherman Hines coffee table book in our sitting room. The space is also equipped with novels, board games, and a hidden flat-screen that will soon connect to Apple TV.



I could spend a lot of time here. I know it doesn’t always seem like it from our stories and tweets, but it is actually really difficult for us to relax on the road. To pause. To take a breath. To let life go. But between the sea, sand, food, and beachy decor, my troubles seem to disappear with the tide.




The Quarterdeck Beachside Villas would be great for a family getaway or a week-long adventure with friends. They’re open year-round, and while the sunshine was bliss, we can just imagine how lovely the fall and winter months would be getting cozy by the fireplace while the waves crash outside your door.

There is an on-site restaurant (you can read about our dinner at the Quarterdeck Grill here) and soon there will be an ice cream and lighter fare shop just across the street.

Summerville Beach
Port Mouton, NS

Villas are open year-round


This adventure was part of our Privateer Days experience. The planning committee invited us to Liverpool to take in all the adventure and excitement of their annual festival and covered the costs associated with this trip. The opinions and words written in this post are our own.

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