Pleasant Paddling – Blue Rocks, NS

Pleasant Paddling Kayaking Blue Rocks

There is a still, surreal quiet on the water today.

We’re in Blue Rocks, just outside Lunenburg. At the moment, we’re surrounded by nature – the sharp edges of the many small islands of Blue Rocks around us, the sky above, the sea below.  the area we’re in is so clear you can see straight to the bottom.

Pleasant Paddling Kayak Blue Rocks

“In the shallow, narrow passages, there is more life,” our guide Karl explains, taking us through a list of what we should look for just beneath our kayaks.

Karl started Pleasant Paddling six years ago, after many more years working as a kayak guide.  This is his first year having his office out at Blue Rocks, but this pristine little part of Nova Scotia has always been the kick-off point for his kayak rentals and expeditions.

imageWe won a half-day tour, a three-hour excursion that includes a guided paddle and a mid-kayak snack on a delightfully hidden little beach.  It’s only my third time in a Kayak, so I am grateful that Karl eagerly provides feedback and that the tour moves at a leisurely pace.

“I try to work in stopping points and teach guests a bit about the nature out here. Some people have this idea that they’ll be paddling hard for three hours straight and that gets tiring really fast.”

I love the lessons the most. On the water, we learn about the green crab, an invasive species which has been wreaking havoc around the province.  Karl identifies various local bird populations based on their songs, and tells us about the various types and roles of seaweed.

In the clearer sections, clams and scallops cover the bottom.

Once on the beach for a snack break, Karl gives us a lesson on shells and rocks. He also teaches us how to turn a periwinkle shell into a whistle. Karl has become especially good at this, and is able to place a few different shells between his fingers to put together a makeshift harmonica.

Pleasant Paddling Blue Rocks Lunenburg

The trip back to base camp is easier than the way there. I start to feel like I’ve gotten the rhythm of kayaking, and by this point in the trip I am questioning why I don’t do this more often.

Watch a clip of our time out on the water and our lesson in periwinkle whistles, along with more of our Lunenburg adventures, in our two minute travel tale below:


245 The Point Road
Blue Rocks, NS

Season and Hours:
Mid-May – Mid-October
Two tours scheduled daily. Kayak rentals (sans-tour) also available.


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