Halifamous, One Notice at a Time

So the other Saturday I did a long walk from north to downtown because it was Open City, when we are encouraged to be tourists in our own town. Let's see what shiny objects attracted my attention. Since we are fixated on height, it was fun to acknowledge some one-story buildings.  And wasn't the sky pretty. [caption id="attachment_6560"…Read More

What’s so special about Vorarlberg?

What stories should a region tell, to explain themselves to strangers? A small state in Austria has chosen to tell the world about its high-quality modern architecture. And there is a lot. Vorarlberg borders Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, has a population under 400,000 and is about half the size of Prince Edward Island. Yet, since the 1960s the…Read More

Gaspereau in the Gaspereau

In a world where traditions are disappearing every day, it was exhilarating to recently visit the gaspereau fishing operation of Chris and Colin Gertridge. The brothers are the sixth generation to catch this small relative of the herring each spring on the banks of the aptly named Gaspereau River. Gaspereau are also called alewives and on…Read More

Why do they hate us?

Have you noticed the heated comments about the site for a new Outpatient Centre (here is an example on Halifax Examiner)?  When I heard that the facility would be built in Bayers Lake Business Park it felt like an insult. Bayers Lake is a soulless wasteland that makes no attempt to actually welcome people. Sort of like…Read More