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This submission form is used to gather submissions for our 2023 Local Wishlist.

Applications are free and open to all who make a product in Nova Scotia, or who operate an independently owned Nova Scotia business that sells Nova Scotian-made products or offers local services (tours, packages, culinary offerings, etc). Submitted products must be made and/or designed in Nova Scotia, or feature a Nova Scotia artist to be eligible. Click here to view the 2022 Local Wishlist.

You may submit more than one item for consideration for inclusion on the Local Wishlist, but you must submit each item separately. Please submit each gift item only once, uploading it to the category page you feel is the best fit. (If we think it suits more than one category, we will add it to the other category during our review.)

You MUST upload a photo with your submission, or the submission will not come through on our end.

To Apply:

  1. Select the category that best suits your gift submission from the drop down menu.
  2. Upload a SQUARE image of your gift item. You must own the rights to your image. The image should be of a single gift item, without text, overlays, watermarks, or borders added. No ads or logos (other than on packaging), please. No images of gift cards. You’ll find more info here.
  3. Enter the details of your item/offer using the fields below.
  4. Click the blue “submit form” button located under the application boxes.
  5. If your submission has been uploaded successfully, you’ll be sent to a thank you confirmation page. We do not send out confirmation emails.

Images should be a minimum of 1000px by 1000px wide and in a SQUARE format. Blurry or dark images will not be accepted. Images must be .JPEG or .PNG. We cannot accept PDFs.

We encourage all businesses submitting a gift item to put some focus on taking a beautiful, quality image that meets the submission guidelines and shows off your product to its best advantage, as we have found that this has a huge impact on sales. A poor quality image may eliminate your submission from consideration for the list. Please see our Image Guide for more information on submitting an appropriate photo.

Our focus in selecting gift submissions is on providing our readers with an array of beautifully presented local gift selections from across the province that range in price and gift type. We aim for variety, and to curate a list that makes finding and purchasing local items easy for our readers.

The Local Wishlist is a curated list selected from all applications received. Preference will be given to items that have not previously appeared on the list. Application does not guarantee inclusion and not all applications will appear on the Local Wishlist. You should ensure that the image/gift item you submit can represent your product for the full six weeks of the campaign as we are not able to replace your image once the campaign is underway.

Products should be available for the entire campaign period, if at all possible – from November 12th to December 24th. If your product won’t be available for purchase until after November 12th, or will be removed from sale before December 24th, you must let us know in the item description of your submission. (This doesn’t include items that simply sell out before the 24th.)

Applications are reviewed and selections are made using a predetermined checklist. Category pages may be limited to a maximum number of gifts. We reserve the option to re-assign products to a different category.

Submissions close at midnight on October 29th, 2023.

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If you’re interested in advertising or becoming a sponsor for our 2023 Local Wishlist, or have questions about your application, please contact Kate at [email protected].