12 Gifts for Kids, Big and Small

And by big kids, we mean grownups who still know how to be a child at heart. Playful, joyful, free spirits, who are perfectly responsible adults, but deep down have made a vow to themselves to never completely grow up. We absolutely understand. Know someone like that? Or someone who maybe needs to be a little more like that? This list is for them.

Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game

Whether they call it Tic Tac Toe, Noughts and Crosses, or Xs and Os, everyone knows how to play. Spark some friendly family rivalries over the holidays with a few rounds of the classic. Custom carved and stained by Seabright Wood Co in Tantallon.

Doodle by Number for Holiday Lovers

Guided doodles made for unscrambling busy brains, with a special holiday theme. Help them shake off their work stress and embrace the holiday spirit, with this fun and super relaxing activity book from Nimbus Publishing.

Crochet Hats for Baby Yoda Doll

And not just hats, but a whole wardrobe full of clothes for The Child.  Lieu’s Designs in Timberlea specializes in outfitting your collectible Grogu with toques, robes, jammies, and even a little Santa suit. Not a Baby Yoda fan? We can’t even.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

Because they’re bombs, made of chocolate, packed with cocoa, marshmallows and tasty flavours. I mean, who had the brilliant idea to make hot chocolate even more fun? Raise your wintertime beverage game with an assortment from Little Harbour’s Chapel Cove Chocolate.

MEOW! WOOF! Hand Embroidered Necklaces

For anyone who wants to wear their proud dog- or cat-person status around their neck. These are original one-of-a-kind, beautifully hand-embroidered necklaces by local artist Yoko White, and you can even commission one of your own pet. You’ll find them at Argyle Fine Art.

Theatre School Camps and Classes

Here’s an opportunity for even better, more creative play: theatre classes and workshops with the talented professionals at Neptune Theatre School. They’ve got classes available for kids from 18 months to 18 years. And you know what? There are classes for adults, too! Give them a chance to shine.

Star Trek Captain Picard Dress Up Magnet Set

If Picard is their favourite captain (and of course he is), they’ll get a kick out of choosing a new outfit for him every time they head to the fridge. Maybe it’s a Hawaiian shirt kind of day? This magnet set is from Design Corner, and you’ll find other paper doll magnets on their website.

Miller’s Gourmet Gift Basket

There are lots of delicious food baskets, many of them on this very list, but this one will take anyone back to their childhood. Especially if you stock it with perennial favourites like candy apples, caramel corn and cotton candy. Miller’s Gourmet To Go lets you put together your own personalized collection, so go for the nostalgia.

Indigenous Collection Colouring Books

We’ve all heard about the benefits of colouring for adults as a huge, meditative stress-buster. These colouring books featuring Dawn Oman and Tracey Metallic, Indigenous artists living and working in Mi’kma’ki, elevate the colouring experience to a whole new level.  You’ll find the Indigenous Collection in Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s gallery shop.

Sugar Camp Tour & Tasting

We’ve mentioned Sugar Moon Farm before, but honestly, how can you let a winter go by without the iconic sugar-on-snow experience? Absolutely take the kids, but the grownups might enjoy this even more. Especially that trip to the gift shop afterwards.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

A classic that never gets old, gorgeously illustrated by Dartmouth artist Briana Corr Scott. Read this to your favourite wee ones, but enjoy the visual feast yourself. A gift for all ages. (And if you’re still looking for your perfect holiday cards, check out the Twelve Days card collection on the Wishlist.)

Glamping Packages

Yes, glamping means glamorous camping, and it’s outdoor camping that’s really extra. East Coast Glamping has tons of different packages available, and of course gift certificates. If you’re looking for a gift for an actual kid, check out their Camp Glamp indoor parties. Camping in the living room never looked so fabulous.


These are just a handful of the hundreds of local gift ideas available in this year’s Local Wishlist. Head to the full list and start browsing!

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