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Give me a big Hygge

Are you aware of the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced 'hooga' or 'hoo-guh')? It is often translated as 'cosy' but then quickly you are told that that is not really accurate. It has to do with the sense of well being you have in a comfortable setting, perhaps sharing a beverage with friends or wearing… Read More


Lots of ice underfoot these days and we are constantly reminded to be careful out there. My message is: grow up and wear creepers. I'm talking about the metal cleats or grippers that strap on to your boots - like your own personal studded tires. Old people know, and ice fishermen, and mountain climbers. The pair I use… Read More

Halifax Storm Porches

Remember the thrill last winter when stormchips were invented? A heady couple of days. Since then "storm" has lost some of its glitter (stormrum, stormcharcuterie, stormkale) but it is still a useful concept and feels like a Maritime phenomenon (here is a useful oral history of the creation legend). This got me thinking about a Halifax architectural feature that has… Read More

Skating the Egg

Any day now the skating Oval on the Commons will open for the season. I'm not a skater but this facility appears to be a great success. We have dropped by a couple of times and there is a great vibe with young and old gliding together. Surprise! I have a couple of snapshots of vintage… Read More