We use a lot of plastic

plastic on beach
It's astonishing to consider just how much plastic we use. The Ecology Action Centre is running a "Plastic Free July" challenge to help prevent plastic in the ocean from outweighing all marine life, as it's expected to do by 2050. This got me thinking: how much plastic do Nova Scotians use, and how can we… Read More

Build Halifax’s IKEA downtown

build ikea downtown
The rumour mill is buzzing. Halifax is getting our first IKEA in 30 years. Let's build Halifax's IKEA downtown. It's crazy, right? An IKEA you could walk, bike, or take transit to? What if I told you we wouldn't be the first ones to do it? IKEA's stores in Richmond, BC, and Brooklyn, NY, are… Read More

Where should the next Carshare stations go?

carsharehfx map
How can Carshare become even more convenient? Businesses often wonder where to expand next - where to put the next retail store, distribution centre, or in this case, rental car. What is the best location for CarshareHFX to expand? Last week I looked at the impact of their ten new cars on the system. What if they… Read More

Sneckdown season is upon us

Sneckdown at Gottingen and Kaye
It's snow season, which means it's sneckdown season. What is a sneckdown? Sneckdowns use leftover snow to illustrate how much unnecessary space we waste on cars. The leftover snow is a quick and easy way to visualize future pedestrian refuges, narrower lanes, bumpouts, and other great traffic improvements. This sneckdown at Gottingen and Young shows that Young… Read More

Rebooting the Central Library

The First Nations Friendship Circle
After several decades of planning and three years of construction we're just weeks away from a brand-new Central Library in Halifax. This exciting third space is a great example of public engagement done the right way. The massive new building will force a complete re-think of libraries in Halifax. What stands out in our new living room? In… Read More

The importance of temporary spaces

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. This post is more of a journal entry than a blog post. I've been hard at work on a few items, not the least of which has been temporary spaces. This weekend has been a big advancement for temporary spaces in Halifax. With fall in the air it's a great… Read More

Reimagining South Park St

How South Park St could look
You may have heard that the Halifax Cycling Coalition (I'm the Co-chair) just launched a campaign calling for 100km of protected bike lanes in the Regional Centre. For some streets the improvement to a protected bike lane will be very easy. Let's take a look at South Park St. South Park… Read More

The Magic of Temporary Spaces

Haligonians celebrate Switch Open Street Sundays in Downtown Dartmouth
Parking lots are the ultimate symbol of desolation. During the day they're full of cars. At night they're bare pavement, devoid of life, and sucking the soul from the city. A few small groups of Haligonians are growing tired of this and are rejuvenating these parking lots by creating lively temporary spaces in the evening… Read More