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Les tubes de Pont Boniface Tubing – Edmundston NB

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Edmundston Tubing
It’s the dog days of summer and you have a day off work. What better way to spend it than lazily floating down a river, dipping your fingers in the refreshing water while basking in the sun? If this isn’t already on your quintessential Canadian summer activities list, you have some editing to do. We… Read More

Les Brasseurs de Petit Sault – Edmundston, NB

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Petit Sault 3
With so many new breweries popping up, it can seem nearly impossible to stand out above the others. However, it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Just make good, deeply satisfying beer. This seems to be the philosophy that les Brasseurs de Petit Sault in Edmondston are following with their brewing. We had our first… Read More

Britt’s Pub & Eatery – Saint John, NB

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Britt's - Where to eat saint john
The first weekend of August found us back in the port city of Saint John, New Brunswick. We were in town for the Marathon by the Sea. After three races, and a particularly gruelling half-marathon, we were looking for a place where we could EAT ALL THE FOOD. We took to Twitter to get some… Read More

13 Reasons Your Dog Wants You To Vacation in Portsmouth

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Sheraton Portsmouth Dog Friendly
Travelling with a dog can be difficult. There are limits on places you can stay, extra fees, and often little to no dining options - at least not if you want to taste something outside the offerings at the local supermarket or the drive through. But for many people, including us, the pup is part… Read More

Popovers on the Square – Portsmouth, NH

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Popovers on the Square Portsmouth
It took a lot of discipline to not spend my whole trip to Portsmouth at Popovers on the Square. Popovers is named after a traditional New England pastry, but one that was new to me. A popover looks similar to a Yorkshire pudding and is traditionally served warm with maple butter, but can also be stuffed.… Read More

Nova Scotia’s First Gran Fondo Cycling Event Coming to Clare

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cyclists at Mavillette Beach - Gran Fondo Event Nova Scotia
Photo: Joey Robichaud Photography...and we're going to race. Well, Drew is, anyway. I'm going to watch. And eat rapure. If you've been a reader of this blog for a little while, you'll know that we spent a lot of last summer exploring the French Shore of Nova Scotia, a beautiful and culturally vibrant area that stretches… Read More

The Cog Railway – Marshfield Station, NH

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The Cog Railway New Hampshire
The drive to The Cog Railway made me a little sick to my stomach, a mix of altitude, the bumpy, winding road, and anticipation. My dad had done The Cog almost 30 years earlier. He was the only one of my uncles and aunts willing to brave the more than 3,500 ft climb in an 1800s… Read More

Vermont Cider Tour

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Citizen Cider Vermont
We've been talking a lot about Vermont craft beer, but it isn't the only thing that's brewing in the state. On our spring tour through Vermont, we stopped into two of Vermont's cider houses - Citizen Cider and Woodchuck Cider.With a long history of apple production, cider makes sense for Vermont. And at both Citizen and Woodchuck,… Read More

The Port Grocer – Port Medway, NS

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Port Grocer
"You won't go away hungry, I can tell you that." Listening to Annabelle, one of the owners of The Port Grocer, explain today's brunch menu to a group of first timers is almost as good as eating it. Almost. The little restaurant and general store in Port Medway opened last April, and is known for… Read More

WHYM Craft Beer Cafe – Portsmouth, NH

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WHYM Craft Beer Portsmouth New Hampshire
"It's like having a barbecue out on the deck. Only better." - my dad Better food, better beer, and helpful advice. WHYM Craft Beer Cafe really doesn't look like much from the road. Semi-hidden behind a motel along Route 1, it'd be just as easy to miss as to spot, but it'd be worth doubling… Read More