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Meander River Brewery Releases Their First Cider

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Meander River Brewing Company
Our friends at Meander River Brewery in Ashdale announced today that they will be releasing their first craft cider. The cider will be made with a blend of valley apples and will be available this weekend. In a press release, Alan Bailey, brewer and proprietor of Meander River, said that the popularity of craft cider was on the rise.… Read More

Community Classes at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

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Community Class 7
The Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market is a gathering place for local food, art, and people. And while it's often thought of as a place to meet and mingle while you shop for local goodies, it is also a place to learn a new skill. Each month, The Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market holds community classes; affordable,… Read More

Five Portable Snacks to Pack for Your Spring Road Trip

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Sunnyside April 2
Spring starts today, in date if not in appearance, and with it comes daydreams and planning for sunny road trips. Easter weekend and the May long weekend will be here before you know it. We're on the road a lot, so we're always looking for ways to plan and pack more efficiently. We're also careful about… Read More

Close To Home: Local March Break Ideas

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2015-02-21 15.36.05-1 (1)
I joined the team at Global Halifax today to talk about flower crown workshops, kid friendly getaways close to Halifax, and more fun March Break activities and escapes. Check it out in the segment below. In two weeks time I'll be back at the red table talking about Saint Patrick's Day events. Know of something… Read More

CTV Morning Atlantic: Ideas For Enjoying The Wintery Weather

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Best Brunch Nova Scotia
I joined Heidi from CTV Morning Atlantic yesterday as part of a whole week of segments they've created to help us all find little ways to celebrate winter! From winter drives and winter beaching to handmade toboggans, we discussed five great ways to enjoy this sometimes difficult season. You can check out the segment HERE.… Read More

Close To Home: Warm Up Winter in Halifax

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I'm a little late posting this, but with the weather forecast continuing its snow and snow and ice and snow trend, many of us (myself included) need a good excuse to get out of the house. Last week I joined Paul, Crystal and Alex on Global Halifax to talk about just that - fun, WARM… Read More

The Salt Room – Halifax, NS

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The Salt Room Halifax Canada Halotherapy
Lately I've been on the lookout for cozy things. With the weather as it's been, and no sign of an end to the snow, we've been nesting at home. Our office futon has become the place to be, piled high with pillows and blankets and paired with Netflix. During these cold, miserable days, it takes… Read More

Free Thursdays at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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Mary Pratt Exhibit
On Thursday night, after an accidental trip to Dartmouth and the realization that it was just a little too cold for the short walk from our bus stop to the casino, we made a quick stop into The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to warm up en route to Imbibe.Every Thursday night from 5pm-9pm the… Read More

Imbibe: A Crash Course in Halifax Cocktails

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"This drink was inspired by the first trade routes between India and North America." Shane Beehan, the award winning bartender from Field Guide, pops a dried rosebud into my cocktail glass then sets to work combining Hendricks with honey, earl grey, and blood orange marmalade. The result is a drink he calls "Moseley Tea Service".… Read More

Close to Home: Local Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Yesterday, I braved the snow to join the Global Halifax crew to discuss cool, quirky, and fun local Valentine's Day dates, gifts, and packages. Learn about custom edible valentines, a 'hot date' with a blacksmith, a pottery class where 'ghosting' is permitted, and more in the clip below. You can also check out more than 50… Read More