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Manuka Restaurant – Moncton, NB

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Manuka Restaurant Moncton
It doesn't look like much from outside. A little yellow house with a bright red door on the corner where Alma and Botsford streets meet, just a short distance from Moncton's core. Had we not been looking for it, we might have missed it completely. Manuka, the restaurant inside that little yellow house, only opened in late… Read More

Long Trail Brewery – Plymouth, VT

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Longtrail Brewery Vermont
We almost didn't go to Long Trail Brewery. With so many to visit in a limited time, we were of the mind that we'd try to stick to the ones you have less opportunity to try, and, being Vermont's biggest brewery, it's a bit easier to otherwise find Long Trail. However, there it was along our… Read More

Saint John Ale House – Saint John, NB

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Saint John Ale House New Brunswick
"That's really deeply satisfying." I dig in for a second bite, curling the house made duck egg pasta around the fork, making sure to get some of the house cured pancetta and creamy duck yolk in the mix. We're at the Saint John Ale House, a place we always like to visit when in Saint John.… Read More

Harpoon Brewery and Artisans Park – Windsor, VT

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Harpoon Brewery Windsor Vermont
Harpoon Brewery didn't fit in our original itinerary of places to visit in Vermont, but when our GPS got us lost, we found ourselves in Windsor, VT. Harpoon is one of the largest breweries in Vermont, second only to Long Trail. Even if you didn't know that going in, the space suggests it. The large white… Read More

The Sea Caves – St. Martin, NB

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Sea Caves Bay of Fundy
The St. Martin Sea Caves are natural caves carved into 250 million year old rocks by the powerful Fundy tide. You can only access the sea caves for eight hours each day, two hours before and two hours after each low tide. On the day of our trip, that low tide happened at 6 am,… Read More

Norwich Inn and Brewery – Norwich, VT

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Jasper Murdock Beer Norwich Inn
Norwich Inn was the first stop on our Vermont tour. This historic inn is located just past the border of Vermont and New Hampshire, and is home to Jasper Murdock Ales. It's a charming property right on the main street. The brewpub and restaurant is open to the public and features a line-up of six beers brewed… Read More

The Chocolate Museum – St. Stephen, NB

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The Chocolate Museum St Stephen New Brunswick
Like many Maritime kids, I grew up knowing (and loving) the Ganong name. Ganong Bros. has been making chocolate in New Brunswick for more than 100 years. They're known around the world for their Pal-o-mine bars and boxes of assorted chocolates. In Saint Stephen, New Brunswick, the place where it all started, The Chocolate Museum… Read More

Getting to Know Vermont

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Vermont Travel Ideas
Last year, Drew drove from Montreal to Portland to meet me for some travel adventures. His route took him through a small stretch of Vermont called the North East Kingdom, a mountainous stretch of paradise that's made many lists of things you must see and places you must visit before you die. Sunny days in… Read More

Meander River Brewery Releases Their First Cider

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Meander River Brewing Company
Our friends at Meander River Brewery in Ashdale announced today that they will be releasing their first craft cider. The cider will be made with a blend of valley apples and will be available this weekend. In a press release, Alan Bailey, brewer and proprietor of Meander River, said that the popularity of craft cider was on the rise.… Read More

Community Classes at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

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Community Class 7
The Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market is a gathering place for local food, art, and people. And while it's often thought of as a place to meet and mingle while you shop for local goodies, it is also a place to learn a new skill. Each month, The Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market holds community classes; affordable,… Read More