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Hill Farmstead Brewery – Greensboro, VT

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Hill Farmstead
"I know they said there would be a line, but it's a Wednesday, and Saint Patrick's Day was yesterday. I'm not worried." We're standing in line at Hill Farmstead, an out of the way brewery in Greensboro. When we pulled up, cars with licence plates from all different states and provinces had overflowed from the parking… Read More

An Electric Road Trip From Halifax to Sambro

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Crystal Crescent Beach Nova Scotia
Over the long weekend, we had the chance to borrow a Ford Focus, a full electric car. It can go about 115 km per charge, so with that in mind we set out on an adventure that took us from Halifax to Sambro, an area packed with beaches, hikes, historic sites, ice cream shops, and ocean… Read More

Hubbards Market and Other Weekend Adventures

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Hubbards Farmers Market
After the winter we've had, this recent stretch of sunny hot spring days have felt like therapy. I've been spending every spare second on my deck, bringing my little canna seedlings outside with me while I work. When the summer weather stretched right into the weekend, we filled the car with friends and hit the road… Read More

Otter Creek Brewery – Middlebury, VT

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Otter Creek Middlebury Vermont
I tried Otter Creek long before this first visit to Vermont. I was in New Hampshire with my parents and planning a stop at Tullys, which is reputed to be one of the best craft beer stores on the East Coast. In preparation for that trip, Drew sent me a list of beer he wanted… Read More

French Dining in the Lobster Capital of the World – Shediac, NB

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Adorable Chocolate
A giant statue of a lobster welcomes visitors to Shediac, New Brunswick. Its big red body and giant claws make this mascot hard to miss.  Canada is known for "world's largest" mascots that lay claim to our country's biggest, best, and most bountiful places, and in Shediac the world's largest lobster statue is there to remind visitors that… Read More

A Tale of Three Coffee Shops – Truro, NS

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Tea and Coffee in Truro NS
Originally posted Dec. 9, 2012 as "A Tale of Two Coffee Shops". Updated May 1, 2015 I often find myself traveling north from Halifax, or returning from New Glasgow, Cape Breton or New Brunswick.  On these trips I almost always find myself wondering where to get a good coffee in Truro.  I am usually in… Read More

Drop-In Brewery – Middlebury, VT

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Drop In Brewery Middlebury Vermont
Drop-In Brewery feels something like an arcade. A grown up arcade. With beer. There are tables with vintage boxers and hungry hungry hippos set up and ready to play. It's a pretty relaxed place. Shelves of glass wear, bottles, and knick knacks from around the world line one wall, and band posters and signs fill… Read More

Close To Home: Planning a Food Road Trip

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Lincoln Street Food 6
A few years ago we came across a little passport called "The Chowder Trail". The book had 35 chowder locations in Nova Scotia sorted by region, with a space for notes, and a place in the middle to collect stamps. Once we had a stamp or two, we felt compelled to try them all. We… Read More

Manuka Restaurant – Moncton, NB

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Manuka Restaurant Moncton
It doesn't look like much from outside. A little yellow house with a bright red door on the corner where Alma and Botsford streets meet, just a short distance from Moncton's core. Had we not been looking for it, we might have missed it completely. Manuka, the restaurant inside that little yellow house, only opened in late… Read More