The Local LOVE List

Welcome to the second annual Local LOVE List, The Buy-Local Valentine Guide to Nova Scotia! This resource is designed to make it easier for you to find local gift inspiration, local flowers and chocolates, and local events and packages for your sweetheart. It is a spin off of our popular Local Wishlist, the Buy-Local Holiday Shopping Guide to Nova Scotia, which you can view HERE.

The items in this guide are either made in Nova Scotia or sold at an independently-owned Nova Scotian business.

Many thanks to White Point Beach ResortSelect Nova Scotia and the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market for joining us as sponsors of the 2016 Local LOVE List. We’re so happy to be working with three fantastic local organizations who work hard to support so many of the fantastic makers, growers, and producers we have here in Nova Scotia.

We’ve rounded up 60+ local gifts, events, and packages to help you plan the perfect Valentines Day. View by category by clicking on a heart, or keep scrolling down to view the whole list.

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