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Irwin Lake Chalets – Truro, NS

Every year, Jane Hutchinson would block off the month of October and travel from Cole Harbour to Irwin Lake Chalets. She started coming in 2001, the year the six-cabin retreat in Truro opened. She stayed five nights on that first trip and fell in love with Irwin Lake Chalets immediately. "The owners always said they… Read More

Roadside Willies – Truro, NS

Roadside Willies Truro Restaurant
Both Drew and I, at various points in our pre-married life, have had a bad habit of discrediting Truro.  To be fair, Drew’s distaste for Truro was based solely on the fact that he’s from New Glasgow and there’s some kind of weird northern NS rivalry.  To be even more fair, my distaste was based… Read More

Glooscap Heritage Centre – Millbrook, NS

Glooscap Heritage Centre Millbrook
If you’ve ever driven on Hwy 102 between Truro and Halifax, you’ve probably seen him.  That tall, beautiful statue of Glooscap.  Glooscap is the hero of Mi’kmaq creation stories, whose feats range from giving the Mi’kmaq the canoe and fire to creating Five Islands in the Bay of Fundy.  What you may not have seen… Read More